We caught up for a chat with Michael from Sidekick Smoothies!


3 years ago


What is your fave Sidekick Blend?
It really depends on the day, but probably the Power Breakfast – I’ve had it every morning as long as I can remember.

How many smoothies do you drink per day?

Usually just 1 per day, but sometimes I have another either pre- or post-workout.

What inspired you to join the Smoothie Industry?
My mission from the start has been to make health food more accessible. I was sitting at a cafe in Melbourne and realised that the smoothie I was drinking was mainly made up of milk, yoghurt and only a small amount of real fruit. I wanted to create nutritious smoothie recipes that were 100% natural.

How long has Sidekick smoothies been kicking?

Sidekick Smoothies began in early 2016 and became operational in March 2016. We’re now in 12 cafes across Melbourne.

Where did the name Sidekick smoothies come from?
The idea behind the name Sidekick Smoothies came about by wanting healthy accessible food. We want people to see our smoothies as their own healthy ‘sidekick’.

If you could sit back and drink a smoothie anywhere in the world where would it be?

It would have to be on the Greek Island of Mykonos overlooking the sunset on the Aegean Sea.

Who is your favourite Superheroes side kick?
It would have to be Batman and Robin, although because our smoothies are frozen I also like Mr. Freeze

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Untitled-2Raw packs

Sidekick Smoothies was created with the mission to make it super-easy for people to have healthy food options available all the time. It’s hard these days for people to find the time to live a healthy and active life, and that’s where we come in – we cater for young professionals, working parents and health-conscious individuals who want to look after their health and get the most out of life. Our vision is to make Sidekick Smoothies your very own superfood sidekick.

Our business started back in early 2016, when we were sitting at a cafe in Melbourne and were dissatisfied with the smoothies that were made for us – containing just milk, yoghurt and only a small amount of real fruit. We thought to ourselves that we could make a better tasting smoothie and one that was a lot more nutritious. That is why we made it our mission to create a smoothie range with some serious nutritional credibility. Our smoothies contain no added sugars, preservatives or artificials – just 100% raw and wholesome ingredients, made from a mix of whole fruits, seeds, nuts, superfoods and organic ingredients.

We started supplying to cafés in Melbourne and based on our feedback we are now are delivering direct to customers so they can benefit from having nutritious food options in their own homes.