Why more and more restaurants are going free range!


3 years ago

So why go free range…
First there is the obvious ethical reasons behind buying free range eggs, making a small change can go a long way in animal welfare. This aside, how often are you asked if your eggs are free range? Caged vs Free range eggs has been a topic that has had more exposure over the past few years, making every day people think more consciously about the decisions they are making when it comes to eggs.
I know I personally when I sit down at a cafe and see free range eggs on their menu it is more enticing knowing I am going to get healthy, delicious eggs that came from good conditions. You’ll notice it yourself how many restaurants are advertising the fact that they use free range eggs, so don’t get left behind make the change.

Even Mc Donald’s is moving away from Caged Egg! You can read more on this from the Daily Mail here.
Mc Donalds is also moving away from caged eggs!

Did you know that free range eggs are said to have a higher nutritional value than caged eggs? Healthambition.com  Reports that free range eggs have:
+ Twice as much omega-3 fatty acids.
+ Three times more vitamin E.
+ Seven times more pro-vitamin A beta-carotene.
+ A quarter less saturated fat.
+ A third less cholesterol.

Other tests have demonstrated that pastured eggs have up to six times more essential vitamin D than regular supermarket eggs. They have also been shown to have significantly more B vitamins than a factory egg.

So why not do it for the Chicks, the customers and yourself!


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Here's an interesting infographic from draxe.com