The 3 common things to look out for in a food venue for success.


3 years ago

With over 35 years experience in the hospitality industry Open Pantry Co. has seen a lot of the challenges that face food venues on a day-to-day basis. We compiled a list of the three common issues that we see on a day to day basis that can really help a business reassess in what direction they are going.

Too big a food menu
A lot of food venues will have menus that are too big to service their customers. Usually 70-80% of food venues sales are made from 8-10 products lines. Usually the bigger your menu means the slower your service times, the more annoyed your customer gets, the end result is a customer not returning. If your stock isn’t making you money or providing a marketing point of difference then it shouldn’t be on your shelves. Look at the fast rising Shake Shack in America, they have a total of 10 lines, with most of those items being variations on a single product, case and point; Fries and Cheese Fries. Keep it simple!

Using too many suppliers
The more suppliers you use the more time you waste ordering, paying lots of suppliers and dealing with sales reps. Unless you are getting specific products off certain suppliers then think about what you can trade off on in-order to save time and energy for you and your team. You should combine this with using a system like ONEzoo to help manage your ordering, these will significantly help your bottom line.

Not putting the time into your team
Some food venues will hire staff into their business that have a lot of external experience, and in turn pay a high salary, hoping that that person will know what to do with little training. In essence the person who is represents your brand the most (the manager) should have the most training. They will be able to create the most influence to your team, and if this person is a good representation of your brand then they will allow you to scale. Always treat every new staff member the same no matter what the title.

Open Pantry Co. was started with one concept in mind…. to create the most change possible in the food industry with humbleness and honesty in mind. We believe we offer the best value for money in the market to help your idea either get off the ground, or grow to something more.

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