Melbourne’s Gone Vegan…

2 years ago

That’s right you heard correctly… the most liveable city in the World could soon be the Vegan Capital of the world! We are like Dustin Martin taking out all these titles…

Melbourne is known for its hipsters and the deconstructed meals they make but now its fast becoming known for its delicious vegan food!

Why you ask? A study has shown most Australian Vegetarian/Vegans live near by the city many of which are swooping in on Melbourne and their vegan friendly cafes!

So how can this help you? We aren’t saying you have to become a vegan cafe, but there are little changes you can make that will cater for our Vegan friends!

  1. Providing 1 or 2 options on your menu that can be adapted to be vegan

  2. Providing non dairy milk options for coffee lovers

  3. Make a song and dance of it… let them know you are vegan friendly and they will be sure to visit!

  4. Extra tip of the day: Have avocado on your menu… vegans love avocado

Need any tips or suggestions? Send our zookeepers an email at and they will be more than happy to get back to you!

World Vegan Day is also next Month so the perfect time to act while even more Vegan friends are in town!! Read more about whats on in Melbourne here !