Why Choose Eco Friendly Packaging

2 years ago

Have you ever thought about adding a touch of green to your business? Introducing eco friendly packaging can have many positive impacts on your business, and the planet!

Why and how you ask? We live in a world of change, global warming is now a house hold name and people are becoming more conscious of how their choices effect the environment. Making small changes to your business to slot in with the current trends  is easy to do and can have great effect!

Here are the perks of Eco Friendly:

  • On trend- going green is trendy, people love to feel like they are doing their bit for the environment

  • Presentation- The way you present your food represents your business. Eco friendly packaging looks modern, durable and will ensure your packaging is all cohesive and well presented

  • Environment- It doesn’t just look and sound good, switching one or all of your packaging products over to an eco friendly alternative will have a positive impact on the environment! Small changes all count! Help reduce land fill, deforestation, pollution to the air and ocean and support zero waste!

Embrace the now… go eco!

Gloveman Hospitality has recently added three well respected, high quality ECO FRIENDLY brands to their range, check it out on onezoo.com.au