Streamline Your Orders Today

Do you have orders coming from all different angles? Calls, Emails, Reps, and more? Take control of your customers ordering, have them using your own app in FOUR WEEKS!

Save Thousands on Data Entry

ONEzoo flagship marketplace is an intuitive ordering system designed to save suppliers time and money on data entry and customer retention. We have designed our custom ONEzoo apps and websites so they have the best features of ONEzoo and your greatest asset, YOUR BRAND. You are the only supplier in your personal app, putting you front and centre on your customers phone.

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Build for iPhone, Android and iPad, Control All From Your Own Portal.

Send unlimited notifications to your customers

Use our supplier portal to send custom notifications to your customers, perfect for specials, holiday notifications, new products and more value added services.

Utilise ONEzoo’s Tier and Custom Pricing

You will have access to all of ONEzoo’s ground breaking features including Tier Pricing, assign different tiers to different groups of people, or negotiate with great customers and have them see a price only they can see.

One Line of Communication

Utilise ONEzoo’s messaging platform to connect with your customers, have your afternoon shift continue the conversation left by your morning staff.

No More Printing Product List

Your complete range is listed on the app, no need to hand out multiple list, just have them download your app.

Multiple Users

Assign multiple users so the owner of each venue can delegate responsibility to they manager or head chef.

Complete Order History

Put the customers history in the palm of their hand, add in ONEzoo’s reordering function so customers can quickly reorder standard orders.

The Best of ONEzoo, with Your Own Branding

Make your sales staff more efficient Content

Your sales staff aren’t order takers, leave that to the app, have your sales staff capitalise on the limited time they have with your customer, have them up-sell and introduce new products rather then taking an order.



“Brilliant! Easy to use, anyone can learn to use it in minutes”, John, Sezanas Toorak


“I use the app to do all my ordering, It’s easy to use and i can order whenever i need”, Natasha, Macchiato Cafe

Connect Your Orders Directly to Your Accounting Platform.