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Chef’s Pantry ? I have heard the name but what do they do…

Chef’s Pantry is a fresh vegetable processing and food distribution business situated in Braeside, Victoria, Australia: 30 minutes from the CBD.

The company is a family run business, established in 1988 in Melbourne, Victoria

We are a Proud Australian Processor and Manufacturer for the past 28 years.

We work closely with our growers and suppliers to ensure quality products are delivered year round and supply over 90 tonnes of fresh products every week. Wherever possible we look to introduce and support sustainable and environmentally friendly practices. We are HACCP certified.

Chefs Pantry supplies over 1,000 foodservice companies, restaurants, hotels, cafes, fast food outlets, QSR’s, food manufacturers, franchises and selected retail clients with a range of products that reduce labour, reduce wastage, improve efficiencies and control costs. We also offer products to the public. Chefs Pantry runs our own fleet of vehicles delivering to most parts of Victoria and send products interstate and to export markets daily.

We offer over 8,000 fresh, frozen and dry food products and can source food products on request. One of our strengths is our Gluten Free and Vegetarian range, (as well a fructose free, lactose free, dairy free range ) of over 1,200 products (downloads section).

Our company has a contract manufacturing division and we currently make a numbers of soups, stocks, jus, sauces, salads, vegetable burgers, rostis, meals and marinades, pastes and dressings.

We also act as a central kitchen or commissary for a number of restaurants, franchises and retail groups.

Chefs Pantry has five divisions;

Fresh food processing,
Value added food manufacturing,
Marketing + distribution of fresh and frozen food products,
Contract manufacturing
Hospitality supplies

Chefs Pantry offers a unique service into the hospitality industry. Approximately half of the business consists of processing fresh vegetables. The remainder consists of preparing fresh salads, soups, sauces, mash, antipasto products, pasta products, and distribution of our innovative and unique range of ready to use food products.

The facility is a purpose built, fully registered food processing premises, and is licensed to export certain food products. The facility can process up to 250 tones of food products each week.

Benefits of Chef’s Pantry Fresh Products

Guaranteed fresh products,
One stop shop for a huge range of hard to find ingredients,
Consistent & clearly defined food costs,
100% usable fresh product,
Improved consistency,
No spoilt product due to excess stocks,
Reduced labour costs,
Reduced liability costs,
Reduced knife injury,
Better utilisation of coolroom space,

Our Services Include

The processing of vegetables and associated products to your specific needs,

The mixing and blending of vegetables and salad products,
A unique and evolving range of ready to use food products,
A quick response time (JIT – Just in Time management program)
Products can be packed to suit your batch size,
Contract made products,
Central kitchen facilities

Customers simply order required products to individual specifications, and once delivered put them straight in the pot. Time and effort is saved, giving the modern small kitchen improved production capacities, labour savings, saved fridge space and easy stock control.

Fresh Cut Vegetable Shelf Life

Harvested vegetables are alive, and continue to respire, grow and develop even after processing. Hence, great care is taken to supply all products in the best and freshest condition possible. Deterioration of prepared vegetable products is reduced by adhering to careful handling procedures, timely, efficient processing, and JIT delivery to the customer.

All deliveries are scheduled too meet the requirements of clients. Having said that, consideration must be given to the fact that the fresh produce lines have a short shelf life. The goods must be harvested, chilled, delivered to the facility, pre-cooled, processed, packed, post-cooled, and delivered to the customer within 48-60 hours.

Oxidation is the main cause for vegetables becoming unusable. There are a number of innovations currently being used by Chef’s Pantry to reduce the incidence of oxidation. These include natural vegetable washes (citric acids, chlorine dioxide etc.), specialized packaging, and fast chilling of products to increase shelf life.

Shelf life varies from product to product; however, most fresh cut products have a 5-7 day shelf life. If the cool chain is correctly maintained the vegetable’s shelf life can be increased to up to 12 days. Chefs Pantry’s production team process and deliver all fresh cut vegetable products on the day they are manufactured. We do not work from a stock base and receive your order and prepare goods against each order.

Quality Assurance


Chefs Pantry’s Quality Assurance Program starts through a partnership with our suppliers to ensure raw materials meet agreed specifications. All produce is processed in accordance with tight quality standards and in compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices. Through a comprehensive training program, each employee takes ownership of their individual product checks and monitoring procedures. Chefs Pantry’s HACCP plan and supporting prerequisite programs ensures food safety integrates all disciplines of the plant starting with purchasing, continuing through receiving, quality assurance, production, sanitation, packaging, cold storage and delivery of the finished product.

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