Goldfields Free Range Eggs has been in business for over 20 years. The business was initially situated in Bendigo and started servicing supermarkets, cafes, restaurants, motels/hotels, and butchers in the Bendigo region. Since that time it has grown its supermarkets business to 20+ supermarkets in Melbourne and rural Victoria.

Goldfields Free Range Eggs prides itself on supplying the freshest and tastiest free range eggs. Our eggs come from our own free range farm as well as from another AECL registered free range farm which allows us to ensure we have the eggs to supply all of our customers needs.

At Goldfields Free Range Eggs 100% of our eggs go through the candling process to ensure that our customers only receive the best eggs. The candling process ensure that any crack or other imperfections do not find their way into the carton.

Goldfields Free Range Eggs is registered with the Australian Egg Corporation Limited (AECL).

Our eggs come in dozen cartons (600g, 700g and 800g) and half-dozen cartons (300g, 350g, and 400g).

We also supply cafes and restaurants with catering trays in 600g and 700g sizes.

Catering Trays

Retail Cartons