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Bread ‘n’ More, a sourdough bakery with guarantee to provide customer satisfaction with quality and service.
We are making our sourdough bread with 100% natural process and baked on the stone hearth of the oven.
Our Organic Flour Sourdough
Handmade loaves are made with Wholegrain Milling's Organic flour and natural sourdough bread process.
There is no added yeast, preservatives, artificial additives or flavours. It takes 36 hours to make these bread
Main ingredients are: Wholegrain Milling's Organic White, Rye, Whole wheat flour, Iodised Salt, Levain
(Starter) and water.
Our unique Levain is made from organic white flour, organic rye flour and organic whole wheat flour.

Organic Flour Sourdough

Yeasted Sourdough Bread

Sliced Or Unsliced