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WHO ARE WE AND WHY DO WE GIVE Local Melbourne cafe operators, were frustrated seeing all the waste their cafe was producing and wanted to make a difference.

Watching thousands of coffee cups going out the doors each week, they started searching for a way to reduce the environmental impact.

When they started looking into recyclable cups, it wasn’t just the fact these cups cost up to DOUBLE that of normal cups… it was what they uncovered in their search that urged them to act.

They discovered that even these recyclable cups were largely STILL ending up in landfill (their websites even say so!).

So while continuing to work on getting answers around the cup recycling issues … the concept of being able to do something to help in the meantime was considered. And so was the birth of Give a Shot.

Cafe’s that sell their takeaway coffees in Give A Shot cups will be contributing to the planting of trees. It’s a practical solution that allows them to do their bit for their environment.

Now while we know this doesn’t fix the landfill problem, it is something that we can all do until a better solution is found to reduce the impact of single use coffee cups on the environment.

Our research so far has shown that tree plantings capture way more carbon dioxide (CO2) than it produces in the cup manufacturing process!

This is called CO2 sequestration and it has the potential to significantly reduce the level of carbon that occurs in the atmosphere. The trees also restore the natural habitat to support native fauna and flora. We look forward to bringing you on the journey with us.

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