Baked Goods

Mattisse Bread has been baking authentic artisan sourdough since 2001, creating a range of delicious breads that use only the highest-quality ingredients. All our breads are free from preservatives, additives and chemicals and use natural sourdough cultures – not artificial leaveners.

Our philosophy

Mattisse’s “slow food” philosophy means every loaf is shaped by hand and allowed to rise slowly over many hours, producing bread with great flavour, texture and substance. Not only does it taste better than mass-produced products, it is far better for you.

The team

Owner and head baker Matti Malchi was a professional chef before he turned his talents to bread-making. After studying the art of sourdough in San Francisco, Matti returned to Australia to establish Mattisse Bread. His diverse range of white, rye, grain and fruit loaves is complemented by gluten-free products that have won fans across the country.

Gluten Free

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