Coffee Roaster

We've been around as coffee gurus since the 90's striving to make fine coffee throughout Melbourne.

Over this journey we've used numerous trial and error methods to better understand, what we think, Melbourne coffee drinkers keep coming back for.

Through the years we've also come to understand that beans aside, good coffee is hard to achieve without the right mix. Hence we dedicate extra time and effort into fine tuning every coffee machine and barista out there distributing San Pedro Coffee, whether it be large or small. We know you have a daily quota, so we persist on ensuring that each coffee you drink is enjoyable!
Back of house, we source only the finest specialty arabica from east africa, south-east asia, south and central amercia. These exceptional regions, combined with our international award winning roasting style ensures only the finest coffee production available worldwide.

Our range of coffee caters for all commercial or domestic espresso machines, cold drip, perculator and stove top makers.

Coffee Beans