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Sidekick Smoothies is a superfood smoothie company that sells wholesale ready-to-blend frozen smoothie packs.

Now, exclusively to all our ONEzoo customers, you get a commercial grade blender and sound-proof cover for FREE on loan!
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Each pack contains all of the raw ingredients needed to make a nutritious superfood smoothie, requiring only liquid to be added. Unlike many other smoothies, our recipes are nutrient-rich and have no added sugars, preservatives or artificial ingredients.

Our business also provides the marketing materials, cups, lids, straws and a blender (if required).

We partner with cafes and other food service outlets who have limited time and space and want to enhance their product line with a quick, convenient and healthy option. Smoothies can be kept for up to 6 months in the freezer and are portion-controlled, so there is never any wastage, preparation or mess.

Ready-to-Mix Smoothies