We're a 3rd generation, Aussie family who specialise in producing only the finest produce here in Australia.

Like fine wines, premium black garlic derives its flavour and
health properties from the soil and climate in which the bulbs are grown, the care with which bulbs are selected and handled and the precision and craft with which they are processed. We believe that Tolga Estate offers the most exquisite black garlic you can buy.

There are some things you just can\\\'t match no matter how hard you try… and one of those things is the natural properties of our sun-soaked farmland and crisp nights. When you know garlic like we do, you can quickly identify garlic bulbs which have the qualities we need. The Atherton Tablelands might just have been specially designed to grow garlic! When you start with premium produce, skilful processing can only make it better! Our finished black garlic is dark, creamy smooth, sweet as molasses, with a delicate umami taste that enhances every dish. Every bulb is also packed full of antioxidants and other beneficial compounds.

It\\\'s hard to describe the multi-layered sensory pleasure that premium black garlic brings to your cooking. It is rich and creamy, sweet and pungent all at the same time. Whether you serve it crushed on a cheese platter or use it to enhance sauces, meats, or desserts it adds a new dimension of flavour to every dish.