Fresh Chilled Supplier

We specialize in frozen Malay classic snack called KEROPOK LEKOR (fish sausage snack). The product is processed and produced in Australia using fresh fish meat.

KEROPOK LEKOR is a Malay tradisional snack, originated from a famous tourist attraction in Terengganu Malaysia. "Lekor" in a local dialect means roll. It is made from grinding fresh fish paste, mixed with tapioca flour and shaped into fine sausage roll. Keropok lekor is a fish cracker, uniquely produced to be crunchy and crispy, and delicately soft inside.

Keropok lekor must be deep-fried and tastes finest when served hot. Enhance its sensation by dipping with sweet chili sauce or any flavored choice of sauces. Have it as a snack or a side dish combined with fries, fried rice or fried noodle.

Per box = AUD10.00
Per carton (20 boxes) = AUD150