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Woos in a Few Words

eatables Australia is the importer into Australia and New Zealand of unique and premium foods. Woos fruit foams are part of the eatables product portfolio. Woos offers fruit-only foams which are all natural, plant based and animal free. The Woos fruit foams are also allergen free and certified Vegan. Woos do not add any colours or flavours to their recipes which contain only carefully-selected ingredients. Each recipe is unique in order to ensure an intense fruit taste combined with a very light texture. Woos is a new experience of fruit.

Woos is a Paris based start-up founded on the principle of bringing to both the home and professional cook as well as pastry and beverage service, innovative and unique products. Woos is building on these principles with Anne- Sophie, the founder, developing an all-natural range of fruit foams. The five flavours of strawberry, raspberry, lemon, passionfruit and mango come in 100 gr, 200 gr and 300 gr packs. The smaller packs are suitable for the home cook looking for convenience in preparing a dessert, garnishing a dessert, finishing a brunch dish or making innovative cocktails. The 300gr packs work best in food and beverage service.

Woos are carried by significant retailers such as Harrods and Selfridges in London, La Grande Epicerie and Bon Marche in Paris, Gourmet stores throughout Germany as well as Foodist Box, an on-line gourmet food retailer with over 8000 members. Woos launched in Australia and New Zealand in August 2017.

eatables represent Woos in this region and would like to talk to premium food retailers, food service and bar operators about this unique and convenient product. To learn more about the phenomenal success this product is having in Europe, as well as the media attention and recipes visit and

"Respecting the product is a prerequisite for us. Keeping this in mind, we have developed five fruit foams whose taste is balanced, fresh and convenient.
The number of ways you use it is only restricted by your imagination”
Anne-Sophie Marquet
Woos Founder

•All natural ingredients

•Premium market

•Plant based

•Allergen free

•Globally unique

•Egg dairy and gluten free

•Vegetarian and vegan friendly