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ONEzoo Marketplace allows you to automate your ordering, compare suppliers and most importantly see live pricing. All for FREE

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With hundreds of suppliers Australia wide, you can find the supplier you need in minutes. From Chairs and Tables to Milk and Cookies, ONEzoo has the supplier you need.

Set Up Standing Orders

Need the same order of Milk on a Monday, Wednesday and Thursday? No worries, set it up and manage your standing orders with ONEzoo.

Connect to Your Suppliers

Just-in-time communications are essential to a well-run business in the 21st century. Connect directly to your supplier with ONEzoo chat and our “Ask a Question” function.

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Rapidly growing, short staffed or just need a hand getting on ONEzoo, we understand. We can get in contact and start the process for you. Loading up your products, finding new suppliers or even just need a helping hand we can help.

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Sign up to ONEzoo to get the ball rolling. We use this information to tailor suppliers specifically to you. There’s no point showing you suppliers on the other side of the country who can’t supply you, so we don’t. We just give you the most relevant suppliers at the time you need it.

The Feed

You can scroll through the feed The Feed is the centre of ONEzoo Marketplace, here is where you can see relevant suppliers, their featured products, items they sell and link to their profile. The Feed also has specials, products and more. to see which suppliers we have suggested to you, or use the search You can search for suppliers and products at the top of the Left-Hand Menu. This menu has suppliers you have ordered from or saved as a favourite. or filter At the top of the feed is a drop-down menu, here you can filter by supplier type. For example, if you’re looking for Bread, you can filter by Baked Goods, showing relevant suppliers. to find a supplier in an industry you need. Suppliers, Product and specials are updated regularly so make sure you check back regularly.

Search Products

Just like suppliers you can scourer ONEzoo for a product, the best place to start is the search You can search for suppliers and products at the top of the Left-Hand Menu. This menu has suppliers you have ordered from or saved as a favourite. , or in a suppliers product list You can set up your own Product List with each supplier, this will keep products and pricing for all your regular purchase close at hand. . If you can’t find what you’re looking for but know a supplier has the item, try ONEzoo, or in a suppliers product chat ONEzoo Chat allows you to connect to your supplier in real time. If the supplier is unavailable we will send them emails to get back in contact with you asap. Make sure you have your notifications on in the settings to get alerts when they reply. to get in contact with the supplier. If you can’t find the product you need, press the contact us Call Now Send Message button to have one of our staff help you source the product you're looking for.

Build Your Order and Product List

Each supplier has their own cart Your cart has all the product you’re about to order, this is synced between all users linked to your account. and a saved product list, as you find products you like you can add them to your saved product list, if it’s something you want to order, add it to the cart.


If you're purchasing an item from a supplier or the same product from another supplier and you think the price could be better. Send the supplier a message via ONEzoo chat. You can always use the contact us Call Now Send Message form and have one of our team do the negotiating for you.


As we previously mentioned, each supplier has their own cart. This cart is shared by all users, so your venue manager can add the items in front of the house and the head chef can add needed from the pantry. On the checkout page you can choose which location you want to send the order, choose the delivery day you would prefer and the payment option you want to use. ONEzoo doesn’t charge you and credit card fees, allowing the supplier to get paid up front and be likely to give you better pricing for doing so. If you have an account with the supplier you can use ONEzoo chat to ask them to activate this for you.

Receive Your Order

Just like they have previously, the supplier will bring in your order. Depending on the supplier they may re invoice you with their invoices, either way, it should match what you have ordered from ONEzoo. If there are any discrepancies, please contact us Call Now Send Message and we can assist.

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Download ONEzoo Ordering App to get notifications when your order is received, when specials are available and order faster than a phone call.

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