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Compare a Range Of Suppliers With ONEzoo Marketplace

ONEzoo allows you to quickly and easily see prices across a range of suppliers, giving you the ability to make an informed decision.

How it Works

Live Pricing

ONEzoo has live pricing for suppliers such as fruit and veg, seafood and other suppliers who have daily or weekly price changes. You can use ONEzoo chat to have a supplier turn this on.

Live Pricing

Special Pricing Just For You

You can use ONEzoo chat to negotiate a Special Price for your venue, the supplier can set this up for you and this price is only available to you and will be displayed all over ONEzoo and the ONEzoo Ordering App. If you have a supplier you want us to help set up, contact us Call Now Send Message and we'll be happy to help.

Different Packaging Amounts

ONEzoo allows a supplier to package each item in different ways, for example, they may have Eye Fillet Steaks, sold as a portion, KG, or whole. All these prices are different, and you may expect the final price to change on the invoice in certain situations. Most suppliers will weigh the product and give you a specific price based on the weight of the product. In this case, we will charge/refund you the difference if its been paid upfront.

Add and remove users as it suits you.

Empower your staff with their own login.
Going on holidays and want to let your staff place the orders? We have your back. You caneven have them place the orders and wait your approval.
Easily switch between venues to see the suppliers available to each store, assign differentmanager for each venue and even restrict their access as you see fit.
Staff come and go, it's a fact of doing business but with ONEzoo you can add and remove users with the click of a button. Don’t spend days calling all your suppliers telling them of the change, make it happen instantly.

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